Today’s the Day: Women Only Challenge!

Get those warm-ups in ladies! We’ll start with WOD 1, “Megan,” right after going through all the movement standards at 6:30.

Here are the heat assignments for both WOD’s:

Name Category Heat
Michele Nelson Beginner 1
Hanna Hayworth Intermediate 1
Kelley Foley Intermediate 1
Hallie Flood Advanced 1
Dawn Corbin Beginner 2
Kara Marshall Intermediate 2
Danielle Wesse Intermediate 2
Ginna Ronis Advanced 2
Eileen Delaney Beginner 3
Pam Foley Intermediate 3
Amanda Gornet Advanced 3
Erin Wellendorf Advanced 3


WOD 1 “Megan”
kettle Bell Swings
(35# Adv. – 25# Inter. – 15# Beg.)
Double Unders (3 to 1 singles for Inter. & Beg.)

WOD 2 “Weight Overhead”
5 minutes of max weight from the ground to overhead.
(It doesn’t matter how you get it there or how much weight is on the bar. Your score is total pounds over your head in 5 minutes.)

We’ve got membership upgrades for the winner in each category so get ready and we’ll see you all at 6:30!!