CrossFit Chicks Are Hot!

Ok ladies…mark your calendars for January 13! This will be the first CrossFit Scottsdale Women Only Fitness Challenge. With beginner, intermediate and advanced categories there will be room for all levels of athletes to compete in this challenge. There will be two WOD’s to complete:

WOD 1 “Megan”
kettle Bell Swings
(35# Adv. – 25# Inter. – 15# Beg.)
Double Unders (3 to 1 singles for Inter. & Beg.)

WOD 2 “Weight Overhead”
5 minutes of max weight from the ground to overhead.
(It doesn’t matter how you get it there or how much weight is on the bar. Your score is total pounds over your head in 5 minutes.)

So practice that clean & jerk…work on those double unders…do burpees on your coffee breaks…whatever you need to be ready to show everyone what the CrossFit Scottsdale ladies are all about!

See you all Friday night January 13!