Heather Rotan

After 9 months of trying to lose my baby weight I was so sick of not seeing results. My husband had been coming to CrossFit Scottsdale for about 3 months prior and was in the best shape of his life already just in those 3 months. He lost an entire pant size if not 2 and about 25 – 30 pounds! Not only did he look amazing but he felt amazing and was happy! He had tried to talk me into joining for months but I was just too scared. I made every excuse in the book. Finally after coming to CrossFit Scottsdale’s anniversary party and seeing how nice everyone was I decided to meet up with Tiffany and do my baseline. The week I signed up with CrossFit Scottsdale just happened to be the first week of the BodyRx challenge and I immedietly thought to myself if I am going to do this I have to go full speed and what better way then to be held to it! After only 6 weeks with CrossFit Scottsdale I am already in 2 pairs of my pre pregnancy jeans :)