Happy New Year to a Healthier YOU!

It is common on New Year’s to hear the saying “New Year, New You” but for me it’s not a new me that I want.  I want a super duper, “I can do anything that comes my way”, “I can play with my grandkids all day”, “I can climb Mt. Everest if I want to”, healthy, rock star me!  I don’t want someone NEW, I want the best of ME. And the only thing that is stopping me is just that…me.

CrossFit Scottsdale is here to help you get that best version and healthiest version of you.  We are here to coach you, inspire you, educate you and give you tools to take your health and fitness to the ELITE level and whatever that means for YOU!  A huge part of that is nutrition, in fact this is usually the hardest part.  Changing your eating habits requires a lot more than just going to the gym for an hour but the 23 hours left in the day are just as important.  To truly take your fitness to the next level eating well and fueling your body optimally needs to be a priority. The most effective way to do this is to get a coach. Have someone navigate the roadblocks with you and guide you to the finish line.  Here is what CrossFit Scottsdale has for you to become the healthies you in 2012…

Food As Fuel Classes- Once a month get educated in the fuel you need for your body and your goals.  Get the details of the Paleo and Zone diet principles, learn quick and easy tips to stay on track and practical advice to get moving in the right direction right away.  Food as Fuel January 12th 7:30pm register here.

BodyMetrix Scan-Find out exactly what your body composition is so that you can target FAT LOSS!  This ultrasound body fat scanner gives an accurate report of your body fat%, lean muscle mass and hydration level.  Book your scan now!  January Special of 10% off your initial scan and 10% off your follow up scan for any former Body Rx or Paleo Challenge student. 

Private Nutrition Coaching- Personalized meal plans, meal plan templates, grocery store tours, food log checks and ongoing advice and support are all available to you.  Book your FREE consultation with Coach Tiffany to discuss your goals and needs.

Individual BodyRx Challenge- Twice a year as a group CrossFit Scottsdale does a BodyRx Challenge focusing on 30 days of 100% Paleo eating. Here is your chance to do a personal Paleo challenge with individual coaching by Coach Tiffany.  This would include BodyMetrix body fat scans before/middle/after, pictures and personal coaching. This is a $215 value for only $149.  Email Tiffany@CrossFitScottsdale.com to set up your intital session to get started.

Deric after 35 days of the BodyRx Challenge


So here’s to taking charge of our health and fitness in 2012.  Cheers to feeling great, looking amazing and doing things we may not ever even imagined