Hakim Benmoussa

After 5 months of rehab from a soccer injury that left me pretty much confined to a chair and crutches. The spiral fracture of the distal fibula warranted surgery and a permanent plate with eight screws. So in late October I was cleared for duty. As a firefighter, my job requires me to maintain a certain level of fitness in order for me to do my job effectively. I started working out; doing the typical nowhere workouts that simply were not helping me get back to where I was prior the injury. To make matters even worse I had my annual physical in January. Needless to say that everything was high on the blood test, my cardio had gone down as I was only able to run the treadmill stress test for 7 min before I reached my max heart rate compare to the 15 min I use to run before.

I was disappointed and discouraged by the results, on that same evening I was Facebooking and saw Luke’s posts, I knew Luke from his sponsoring our Fit to Fight event several year ago. I decided to call Luke and make an appointment to share my story. Luke was very positive and his exact words were “we can change that, easy stuff”, needless to say it’s not easy, most of you know that CrossFit is a tough, challenging and demanding fitness style.

I joined CrossFit Scottsdale in January, changed my diet 360 degrees, I have lost weight, I have more energy, I sleep better, my wife is happy that I don’t snore anymore, I feel stronger and the most incredible thing that happened in only three months of CrossFit is that my blood test numbers are all back to normal including LDL, HDL etc…

CrossFit has done great things for me mentally and physically, I will continue to CrossFit, I hope to test that at all levels someday and become an instructor.

Thank you Luke, Najla, Tiffany and Skip for making it happen at Scottsdale CrossFit.