Dany Hakimeh

I entered the BodyRx challenge the same day that I started CrossFit Scottsdale and I did it because my friend had told me about this program that CrossFit Scottsdale was offering. I was looking for a way to start a new lifestyle change in the way I eat because whatever I was doing before was NOT working. And go figure that diet (the way you eat) REALLY has an impact on your body, your mood, and even your workouts! What I learned from the BodyRx Challenge is that food is quite literally our fuel for survival and we have a CHOICE of what we put into our body and what we eat. Learning what foods to avoid and what great little secret alternative OPTIONS you have for substitutions and replacement of the food that we were used to eating before. I learned that Paleo is a mind frame, and I really enjoyed SEEING what paleo is capable of doing if you follow it, and commit to it’s principles.  I could certainly FEEL it, and the stuff I had in my closet from before that I couldn’t fit into anymore before the challenge I can fit into now! I also FEEL the energy difference in my workouts and endurance performance lasts so much longer, and even my day-to-day activities. Go figure that eating GOOD food also makes you FEEL good!!!!