Arizona Affiliate Competition

Congratulations to all of the athletes who competed in this weekend’s Arizona Affiliate Competition at CrossFit Flagstaff. The weather was awe full pounding us with snow all the way up and down the mountain. Our very own Nick Zambruno and Jeff Brennan both competed and finished in the Top 10. Nick was one workout away from winning the entire event in only his 2nd competition to date and having only been Cross Fitting for less than 7 months. The 8 total workouts were challenging, technical and exciting to watch. The men’s final heat came down to a few muscle ups and our good friend Peter Egyed of CrossFit Fury pulled off the dramatic finish with 39 total muscle ups beating out Derek Kneadler and Michael Moseley to win this local competition two years in a row. The top 3 women were Samantha Silverman in 3rd, Katie Brown in 2nd and in 1st Place Amanda DeRosa. Check out for all your CrossFit media news.

Today we will be using a few of Saturday’s movements….


warm (immediately after sign in)
1 min max effort double under
30 seconds rest
1 min max effort chest to bar pull ups

long jump for distance 3 attempts

On the 1st minute, 1 Hang Power Snatch, 1 Box Jump
On the 2nd min, 2 HPS, 2 BJ
On the 3rd min, 3 HSP, 3 BJ
And so on, until the reps for the given minute can’t be completed.
Rx’d 105# M/75# W, 30″ If you don’t make 10 rounds strip the load and keep working for 10 minutes

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