CrossFit Scottsdale Body Rx Challenge Final Results

The CrossFit Scottsdale Body Rx Challenge was designed to help students make a complete healthy lifestyle change.  Through focusing on nutrition, challengers were able to see how the food the choose can positively or negatively effect their performance in class, muscle gain, and fat loss.  Daily points for eating Paleo were tracked as well as bonus points for incorporating important parts of a healthy lifestyle with weekly challenges like sleep, mobility and taking fish oil.  Initial, mid-way and final ultrasound body fat scans, measurements, & pictures were taken.  Performance was measured through a timed 1 mile run and 1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk at the begining and end of the 35 day challenge. 

The results…were nothing short of AMAZING!!

ALL of the challengers embraced the Paleo concepts and lifestyle to completely re-design your health and bodies!

Here is the overall % of improvement in body composition results:

Athlete Body Fat % Improvement
Lisa Harlien 28.70%
Christine Hurst 28.63%
Bob Hisle 25.81%
Hannah Hayworth 24.45%
Dany Hakimeh 22.42%
Melissa Robinson 22.03%
Sarina Brown 20.63%
Pam Foley 20.58%
Heather Rotan 20.19%
Deric Andre 18.47%
Richard Rotan 17.05%
Kara Marshall 16.76%
Amy Walsh 14.24%
Stephanie Yarrow 14.16%
Mia Adriano-Yoro 13.93%
Jennifer Himes 12.77%
Mike Sheneman 11.96%
Stu Selden 10.17%
Ashlee Tave 9.85%
Marnie Tave 8.92%
Mike Mc Linn 5.06%
Dani Moudry 4.79%
Ellen Banta 3.77%

With an average of 16.32% improvement in Body Composition!  That’s a lot less fat and more muscle!

Winners of the Body Rx Challenge took home $350 in CASH and 2nd and 3rd place recieved a gift package from the CrossFit Scottsdale Pro Shop and an upgrade in membership for 1 month.

Female Overall Winners:
First Place:  Hannah Hayworth
Second Place:  Lisa Harlein
Third Place Tie:  Heather Rotan & Pam Foley

Male Overall Winners:
First Place:  Bob Hisle
Second Place Tie: Rich Rotan & Dany Hakimeh
Third Place: Mike Sheneman

Coaches “Look Better Naked” Award  (This goes to the best before & after pictures and was voted on by the coaches.)
Female:  Sarina Brown
Male: Deric Andre

Congratulations Winners!

Congratulations to all of you!  A HUGE Thank You goes out to Original Nutritionals and their Functional O3 Fish Oil for sponsoring our challenge and donating prizes.  Check it out at the CrossFit Scottsdale Pro Shop and visit their Facebook fanpage here. Thank you to all the coaches and ambassadors that made today and the Body Rx Challenge a success!