CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga Class Time Change

It has been a couple of months since writing on the CrossFit Scottsdale website and I am excited to catch everyone up! 
First and foremost, it has been an amazing experience joining the CrossFit Scottsdale family.  Everyone has been very receptive to yoga and trying it for the first time.  Each week I see improvement in flexibility, body awareness, and balance.  I think that is the true goal of the yoga class at CFS.  I have been very pleased to see these advancements and I know it will make people better crossfitters and better at life in general. 
I’d like to recognize two individuals that exemplify what yoga is all about in my eyes.  Stephanie Hisle (Mayor Bob’s wife) and Michael Fischer .  These two individuals have shown a tremendous amount of growth since they took on the program in June.  They’re consistent with their attendance and never back away from a challenge during class.  Both of them give 100% even if they completed a strenuous WOD right before.  Every week they grow more with their practice and I am honored to have them in class.  Keep up the great Michael and Stephanie, you rock!
Lastly, our Wednesday 9am class is changing to Friday mornings at 9:30am.  If you’re available on Friday mornings please join me.  This will be an all levels basic vinyasa flow class.  Don’t forget yoga is for everyone… that means you too guys!
Peace and Love,
Coach Jill