CrossFit Scottsdale Body Rx Challenge Week 3 Challenge-Hydration & Mobility

It’s week 3 of CrossFit Scottsdale’s Body Rx Challenge and that means a new focus this week. Keep in mind all of the weekly challenges are progressive. You won’t get a bonus point for sleeping 8 hours a night or taking your fish oil this week but that is not an excuse to stop doing it. Each weekly challenge is designed to be something that will increase your results and overall health. We focus on one or two things so that that all of them are not overwhelming. So this week we are adding 2 things to focus on.

#1: Water. Make sure you are getting at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water (not tea, coffee, or anything else-just clean water)

#2: Mobility. In focusing on elite health, making sure your moving parts are moving properly, is a HUGE deal. Spend 5 minutes a day on mobilizing a part of or your whole body. Start with 5 minutes in the bottom of your squat then visit or ask a coach for some more ideas.

For the challenge you must compete BOTH tasks each day this week to earn your bonus point. So drink up and get moving!

Don’t forget that this week is your mid-point BodyMetrix scan, so make sure you are on the schedule!

Shoulder Mobility Clinic with Coach Don