CrossFit Scottsdale Body Rx Challenge LAST WEEK!

It is the last week of the Body Rx Challenge and I am so excited to see everyone’s results as it is already apparent that all of you have had tremendous success!  Remember that your final scans are this week and need to be scheduled on the same day as your first scan if possible and need to be completed before Saturday.  Please confirm your date and time through email to  For Saturday’s Finals here is the schedule:

9am-Body Rx Challengers final 1 mile run and 1RM Clean & Jerk
10am-Paleo Potluck Brunch & Awards

Congratulations to all of you! 

Weekly Bonus Point Challenge #5:  For your last weekly challenge log onto the Body Rx Challenge Google Groups and tell us the following:

1. Why you entered the challenge?
2. What you learned through the challenge?
3. What positive experiences did you have?
4. What you are going to incorporate into your lifestyle moving forward?

To earn your bonus point your answers must be posted before Saturday. 

Make this week your best yet!