Body RX Challenge Weekly Challenge #2 – The Benefits of Taking Fish Oil

Hello to all the CrossFit Scottsdale Body RX Challengers! You are officially in your second week of the challenge! Last week our focus was sleep. How did you do? Sticking to a good sleep schedule is always important no matter what. Make sure you don’t slack off on your sleep.

Your challenge this week is to take your fish oil EVERY DAY. This is something we should be doing every day already, but sometimes we let it slip through the cracks. Put it out where you will see it – next to your toothbrush, by your car keys or the nightstand by your bed – wherever it will help to remind you.

Here are some benefits to taking fish oil:

• Lowers Cholesterol
• Reduces Inflammation In The Body
• Eliminates Joint Pain
• Improves Your Skin
• Promotes Weight Loss
• Increases Your Focus
• Improves Vision
• Reduces Soreness From Weight Training
• Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease

We have fish oil here at the gym for you to purchase if you are just starting or have run out.

You’ve got this Body RX Challengers!!