Body Rx Challenge-Fight your Cravings Week #4 Challenge: NO SUGAR

With only 2 weeks left of the CrossFit Scottsdale Body Rx Challenge, this week we are looking to optimize everyone’s results and challenge you to truly focus on what foods you may still be letting in.  Sugar is already non-Paleo but it can still show up in challenges and peoples’ Paleo diets in the form of honey, agave nectar, 100% pure maple syrup, and fruit.  Now fruit isn’t always bad but can really slow things up when we are looking for fat loss and leaning out.  Also if you are craving something sweet these are your go to items yet what we really need to focus on is the craving itself, if it is going to support our goals and breaking the habit in the first place.  If you always crave something sweet after dinner for example changing from ice cream to fruit is a much better choice but it is still creating a similar response in your body and is still sugar. What if we could cut that craving out all together?  Your challenge is to cut out all sugars for 7 days. This means no baking with these either (sorry).  Note that cutting out sugar does not mean cut out all carbohydrates. Vegetables are still allowed and very much encouraged! So your tip is if when you do crave something sweet have a snack with protein and fat instead.  This will help switch the signals you are giving your body and in turn the signals your body gives you.

Now we all know that cravings are not just as simple as having strong “will power”. Here is how one of our Paleo Ambassadors Stu approached his cravings:

“Recently, I’ve been looking at cravings from a different angle.  After 15 years of having about 5+ sodas per day, I’m happy to say I haven’t touched one in about a month now.  I did it by thinking about what I truly crave for.  I crave for a level of health and fitness that lets me climb mountains.  I crave for the ability to bike long distances.  I crave for the ability to swim.  I crave for the ability to hike anywhere, not just where there’s an easy trail you can park next to.  I crave for longevity.  I basically crave for having no limits because of my health or physical condition.

With that in mind, it honestly became pretty easy to avoid unhealthy food and I don’t even try to make substitutes or only cheat a little.  I view those sodas and unhealthy foods as something that is cancerous to my goals and the lifestyle I’m working so hard to obtain.  Food is something that is meant to make me healthier and enable me to do great things for a long time, it’s not something that is meant to be the cornerstone of a social gathering that has to taste “good”.  The feeling you will get at the end of the road having achieved your goals will be FAR greater than the taste of anything sweet.

Here’s a video that I watched a few weeks back that helped me break my addiction to sugar and really place my health first before what I wanted to taste while eating.

Stay strong and determined folks, this is the only life you have.”