Accountability is a Mutha

As we approach the middle of my favorite month of the year and the season is changing I have to reflect on the past 3 Octobers and what this month represents for me and my family. When we first moved to Scottsdale in October 2007 my son Kanon turned one and was learning to walk. Camille wasn’t due for 8 months and I was training at a local Globo Gym. My wife Najla was wearing a suit and working as VP of a construction project in North Phoenix.

3 years later my son ran his 1st mile in 11:42 and my wife is now full time in lululemon, overseeing the entire operation of Kayyem Fitness. So how did we get here? Accountability to ourselves 1st our family and our students.  We changed, got better, overcame obstacles, challenges, road blocks and kept on rolling. We never stopped and never ever quit. We dedicated our lives to doing the common uncommonly well and we held our coaches, students and ourselves accountable for every action we made. All we asked from you was to follow these two rules “Show up and Don’t Quit” Some of you reading this will understand exactly what I’m talking about, you’re the ones  whose lives have been forever changed because you decided to  take a stand and fight for what’s important in your life. Because you were sick of sedentary. You had no excuses left and you needed to CHANGE. You are the ones that are “living the lifestyle” Fitness is your drug, CrossFit is your sport and Paleo is your heritage and for that I congratulate you, but this is not for you.

This is for the girl who never came back after her baseline because it wasn’t as easy as running on the treadmill. This is for the MLB All Star who never came back after he joined… and pretended we got disconnected when I called him to find out why. This is for the couple who joined a high end Globo Gym that claimed it was teaching CrossFit because it was cheaper and open on Sundays. This is accountability 101 and I am professor Kayyem.

Have you ever been hanging out with friends or at work and you get a random Voicemail that sounds like this “Hey this is Coach Luke from CrossFit Scottsdale I’m just calling to check up on you, we haven’t seen you in class in a week and we would like to know if everything is ok? Are you out of town, did you get sick or Branson, if you’re in jail let me know if you need a ride”, All joking aside most people tell me they just aren’t signing in and we both laugh until I remind them it’s a 50 burpee penalty the next time.

Accountability right across your face. BOOM< POW< BANG like a Batman cartoon or an Old Spice commercial. What about when you don’t return my calls and I have to resort to phase 2 deathcon. Nobody can hide from Facebook so my post reads “Chris is missing from CrossFit Scottsdale, have you seen him?” I’ve done everything from call the office to send threatening emails to your wife (I always apologize after). By any means necessary, Mr. nice guy never worked before so why would it now?

The cold hard facts are you’re lazy, you have excuses and you need help.  I will admit this method does not always work I’ve lost a few good men along the way, been defriended once or twice and I heard they had a shirt burning party down the street. It doesn’t matter because the ones who do commit and put in the work get the results and that gives me the juice to get up and go H.A.M for 15 hours a day. We feed off of each other and that is what makes us grow, so that we can build, design and create a community that embraces hard work, respect and the values of commitment. We teach you how to live and train at optimal levels so that you may perform well at anything. You know what I get in return? Life changing testimonials tear jerking tales of lives that have been transformed before our eyes.  Thank you, thank you but this isn’t a commercial or my almost famous roast, this is hard evidence that we all need a kick in the ass sometimes, a text to get up and get your butt back in gear and a call out to be not just better but the best and not just the best you have ever been but the best anyone has ever seen and somehow somewhere down the line you can return the favor and hold someone else accountable to a higher standard.

This is what we do and and we do it better than anyone else.


Luke Kayyem
Kayyem Fitness
Established 2000