CrossFit Scottsdale’s Challenge of Change…

From my very first CrossFit Level 1 Certification one rule has stuck with me.  It was so profound when I heard it and as most profound things, so simple.  You have 1 hour in the gym and 23 hours left to mess it all up!  Here is our predicament; we work so very hard in every CrossFit Scottsdale class to make huge gains in our fitness but what are we doing the rest of the 23 hours? Are we helping that goal or are we hurting it?  The Body Rx Challenge gives us the opportunity to focus on those 23 hours and truly see the change we are looking for and speaking of change we aren’t looking for a little change we all want the change that makes us and the world say “Wow, I want to be like him/her!”  So what are you waiting for!  Dive in and take the Body Rx Challenge.  It is simple yet so profound. 

Eat Paleo: 1 point for each day. If you eat something non-paleo, you don’t get a point for that day.  You have 35 possible points.  Points will be scored online through Google Groups. (If you signed up you got an invite) Blog about your food, share your roadblocks and successes and get support from your coaches and fellow challengers!

Get Scanned: You will have 3 body composition scans.  Scans start on September 28th so get your spot NOW!

Attend class on October 1st: During class you will time you 1 mile run and score your 1 rep max clean & jerk.  We will be able to see your improved performance through the challenge with these scores.

Pay your registration.  Cost for the challenge is $99 (Body Fat scans are $49each so you save $48 on just the scans)

Participate in the weekly challenges. You will get 1 bonus point for completing each challenge.  The challenge will be announced each Monday and points will be scored online.

Your final score will be based on your % of improvement of body composition, decreased mile time, increased weight in strength, and total points.  Prizes will be in cash and prizes!

Be ready for change!

Here are some Words of  the Day from CrossFit Lisbeth to get you motivated:

Change, change, change. We hear it all the time, we talk about it, and we see changes in other people and so we know change is possible. But how do people do it?

What does it take to really change? Not the bullsh** stop and start change, the gas-and-brake pedal revving and stopping of progress that we’ve all experienced. But real, authentic, holy-sh**-look-what-happened change?

Well, change takes guts. Big hairy freaking guts. Most folks don’t get past Stage 1. So swallow hard and man (or woman) up.

Then, change takes patience. Often the hardest part: when you have to keep going, even though you’re only STARTING to see results, whether those results are in your body composition, your mind, or your relationship with someone. Gotta keep the faith.

The third part is the kicker though: Perseverance. You simply have to stick with it. No matter what. Get through the obstacles and over the walls. You have to keep moving forward and live your adaptation. Springsteen (of course) has a line for this: “You can get used to anything. Sooner or later, it just becomes your life.”

And you can get used to anything, so just make sure it’s the right anything. Make sure this life is the one you want to be living. Tim McGraw has a line for this: “And who I am now is who I wanted to be.” Well, holy hell, imagine YOU here. Why the f*** not? Work so that you can say this: Who I am now is who I wanted to be. Country stars (even those married to the hot Faith Hill) don’t have any lock on that one. Make it happen.

So pick the right anything right now. Find the big hairy freaking guts inside you and change. Then breathe and be patient. And then just never quit. Persevere. Don’t end up at the starting line again. Find the goal line. Then PASS the goal line and keep running like the flippin’ wind. Don’t ever let life catch you and the ball. Just keep going .