CrossFit Scottsdale’s Body Rx Challenge

The foundation for all that we do is nutrition. The fuel that you put into your body can affect how you sleep, your energy levels, mental clarity and what your workout of the day ends up like.  Our goal in the gym is to “Rx” the workout of the day, so what better way to enhance our performance in and out of the gym than to “Rx” our food. CrossFit Scottsdale’s Body Rx Challenge is designed to specifically focus on eating to optimize your health and performance and to create a lasting lifestyle that encompasses more than just the food we choose to eat but other healthy habits as well.  Here is how the challenge will work:

The challenge will last 35 days and will consist of 3 appointments that will include a body fat scan, measurements and pictures (only the first and last appointment).  These appointments will need to be scheduled with a coach on a Wed, Thurs, or Fri before the challenge starts, in the middle and at the end of the challenge.  The workout part of the challenge will be on October 1st at the 9am and 10am classes.

Scoring for the challenge will consist of percentage improvement in body composition, increased weight in the WOD, decreased time in the WOD and the amount of points you have at the end of the challenge.

One point will be collected each day for eating clean and Paleo style. 

*NEW* Weekly challenges: Each week there will be a specific challenge to follow.  If you complete the challenge you will receive one bonus point.

Prizes: For this challenge we wanted to up the stakes a bit and are giving away as the top prize is CASH!!  Second and third place winners will also receive prizes and we are putting together some awesome packages for that.

Getting started on the challenge: To sign up for The Body Rx Challenge you must book your initial body fat scan appointment with a coach on either Sept 28th, 29th or 30th and pay the $99 enrollment fee.

For each nutrition challenge we do a CrossFit Scottsdale we see AMAZING results and this one is going to be the best yet!  Stay tuned for more information on the details of the prizes and how we will all communicate during the challenge.

To get a jump start on the challenge and what to eat, how to eat it and recommendations to make sure you are the winner, come to the FOOD AS FUEL Class Thursday September 15th at 7:30pm!