Athlete(s) of the Month

This month we are celebrating the success of Keith Robinson “Team Alpha”and Ken Galinski “Team Bravo”. Not only did they complete SealFit 1.0 they were leaders of their respective teams. What makes me even more proud is that they both came back to our program after taking some time off to heal wounds, clear minds and focus this summer.

Keith sat down in my office June 2nd and told me he was just beat down physically and mentally by an old injury and that it was holding him back. He also told me that he would not be joining me at “KOKORO” camp for SealFit training later that month. We were both disappointed but understood it was much needed. After 6-8 weeks off we met again and slowly started All Level classes twice a week at 50% of the weights programmed. Then we added intensity… slowly to build Keith’s confidence and strength back up. Then back up to 3x a week plus the 2 hour SealFit class from 0500-0700 every Friday. Keith dominated the dojo, captured the flag and hit the bull’s eye. On the final day and class of SealFit 1.8 “Graduation Day” he was the “Lead Dog” and showed me the real Keith Robinson. It will be my privilege to watch Keith concur “Kokoro” on October 22nd and complete the Goal he set.

Kenny “G” grew on my heart every week always smiling and keeping his cool. On the final evolution of 1.8 Ken got some super human strength and pushed the #245 sled in both directions without stopping. By far one of the most challenging and uncomfortable movements on the planet and Ken looked like a superhero ripping up the pavement.

This Friday SealFit 2.0 will begin with both of these men as Team Leaders. The theme of this course will be “Heroes” In honor of our American Forces especially our very own all over the world. This week we will be starting off with  “Nolan” plus “Jedi” then we will get 1st class instruction from Sensei Tyler Warren on hand to hand combat and finish with “Fight gone bad” boxing style with 1 minute of sparing 5 different people 3x rounds . For those of you not quite ready to commit to the entire 8 week program come to the 1st class and test yourself. If you do like it you’ll be back for 2.1. *You must have a level I band or higher to attend or see a Coach for approval/You must complete all 8x weeks to “Graduate” 9/9- 10/28 to receive your “Camo” band. Hell Week III will start week of 9/28. You will need a black classic CFS shirt/The SealFit program counts as 2x classes/Not all classes will be held on campus. Field trips for Swimming, hiking, and boxing will be part of the program. Complaints, problems and blames will not be tolerated for your safety during the entire 8 weeks if you have any questions or concerns visit the video section of this SealFit program brought to you exclusively at CrossFit Scottsdale.

“Forging Mental Toughness”