The Results…Rowing Helen Challenge Finals

How do you measure improvement?  Is it the 2 minutes you took off your Rowing Helen time or that you finished the workout this time?  Is it that you can now do kipping pull ups, or that you did each set of kettle bell swings unbroken?  Have you improved your row technique, your endurance, stamina, or mental toughness?  Was this your first time taking yourself out of the comfort zone of class and stepping into a competition?  For any of these and I am sure many more that I haven’t even mention, all the competitors, students, friends and family took something more away from today’s Rowing Helen Challenge Finals than they came with.  Improvement can come in many forms and is not always improving your time on a workout.  Today we saw all of the above improvements and more.  After 30 days of working towards the finals, athletes stepped up to the challenge today and crushed it!  Even our CrossFit Scottsdale Kids program was represented. Amelia (one of our Super Teens) competed in her first competition and Ryan E. (a 9 year old superhero in our “Young Heroes” program) who had done the preliminary workout in the kids class but choose to join the adults and specifically his Dad and compete in the Finals today. Both did amazing and improved their times.  Congratulations to all the athletes that competed.  Stay tuned for the next opportunity to challenge yourselves!

Here are the scores from the finals:

Elite Males and Females
  Name Finals Time
  Josh V 13:49
  JT 13:49
  Brad K 14:36
  Eric S 14:56
  Tiff 16:11
Advanced Males  
  Name Finals Time
  Mark V 11:42
  Cannon 12:26
  Bob H 13:44
  Bob V 13:56
  Branson 13:57
  Mike M 14:12
  Stu 15:58
  Mark D 17:46
Advanced Females
  Name Finals Time
  Laura C 11:44
  Andrea 15:28
  Erin W 15:57
Intermediate Males
  Name Finals Time
  Mike C 10:15
  Shawn A 15:12
  JAZ 15:52
  Deric A 17:21
  Chris E 18:42
Intermediate Females
  Name Finals Time
  Traci E 11:54
  Patty S 12:20
  Hallie 12:32
  Dani 12:56
  Melissa R 15:12
  Sarina B 17:32
Beginner Males and Females
  Name Finals Time
  Kara M 11:29
  Pam F 12:53
  Amelia C 17:17
  Eric Slepian 14:28
  Ryan E 14:47