Plyometrics for Improved Strength and Speed

It’s back to the grind with our intense metcon workouts.  This week we will focus on plyometrics exercises, to enhance our speed, strength and elasticity.  By focusing around these quick and powerful movements, we will not only improve your speed in running, and height in jumping but an overall development in any desired physical goal.  Let’s get to work!


50 Double Unders

10 Lateral Jumps

40 DU

20 Lateral Jumps

30 DU

30 Lateral Jumps

20 DU

40 Lateral Jumps

10 DU

50 Lateral Jumps


(RX Double Unders to be Unbroken)


3 Minute Rest


400m Run

25 Box Jumps

25 Jumping Lunges

3 Rounds


3 Minute Rest


Tabata Rowing