Fitness Challenge Results – Sit Ups & Core Strength

This last month at CrossFit Scottsdale I have seen some amazing things and some amazing improvements. As coaches we are extremely proud of every single athlete who shows up, gives it their all, and never quits! Over the last 30 days we extended a challenge to all of our students. The challenge was to spend some time outside of the gym working on their core and more specifically their 2 min max effort sit ups. There were several athletes who took this challenge very seriously and improved their sit ups over a 30 day period. There are 2 people I would like to recognize who really worked hard and made great improvements. Kara M., who is relatively new to CrossFit Scottsdale, made a 35% improvement. Bruce L., who works harder than almost anyone I have seen and has shown many significant improvements in many areas improved by over 31%. Great job to both of you! You are a true example of what a student-athlete at CrossFit Scottsdale should be! Great job to everyone who participated, keep up the great work, and stay tuned for the next challenge!!