CrossFit Scottsdale Annual Student Awards


It’s August, which means the Anniversary/Expansion Extravaganza is only a few weeks away! To continue with tradition here at CrossFit Scottsdale, we have our annual student awards where we want YOU to be the judge. Stop by the cubbies and fill out a ballot for this year’s awards!

The categories are:

-Best Attitude “Show Up Don’t Quit”

-Best Teammate

-Worst Dressed

-Best Dressed

-Best Undressed

-Best Burpee

-Best Pull-Up

-Most Burpee Penalties

-Best Smile

-Best School Spirit

-Best Form

-Most Intensity

-Best Legs

-Most Dedicated


So don’t forget to vote, and then join us on August 26th at 6pm for our Anniversary/Expansion Extravaganza Party where the winners will be announced!