The Helen Challenge – AZ Summer Style

It’s that time of year again!  Get ready for the next CrossFit Scottsdale Challenge: Helen with a slight twist because it’s summer in Arizona!  Helen is a classic CrossFit Girls workout that is 3 rounds of a 400m run, 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pull-ups.  So instead of melting outdoors, we will be rowing instead in cool, air-conditioned comfort!

The CrossFit Scottsdale Challenges are an excellent opportunity to push yourself and really see how quickly you can become stronger, faster, and fitter.  If you have never competed in a challenge, it is an AMAZING experience and something that will boost your fitness level for sure.  Prelims are Saturday July 16th and Finals are 6 weeks later on Saturday August 27th.  Prizes will be awarded to top male and top female in each of the 4 categories, as well as most improved.  The cost is only $30 and is an investment in yourself
We will be doing 3 rounds of 500m row, 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pull-ups.  The standards and weights are as follows:

  Elite:  Men – 75# KB, chest-to-bar pull-ups; Women – 55# KB, chin over bar pull-ups

  Rx:  Men – 55# KB, chin over bar pull-ups; Women – 35# KB, chin over bar pull-ups

  Intermediate:  Men – 35# KB, blue-band pull-ups; Women – 25# KB, green-band pull-ups

  Beginner:  Men 35# KB, jumping-swinging pull-ups; Women – 25# KB, jumping-swinging pull-ups

Check out the Standards video below.  Get ready for a great time.  Cheer your friends, invite your family, and leave it all on the floor.  We are a school of elite fitness, and now is your time to show off what you’ve learned.  3-2-1-go!