SealFit Team Scottsdale 1.1

Last Friday these 8 brave men completed the 2 hour SealFit class at CrossFit Scottsdale. It took almost 45 minutes to get these guys working as a team. Then partner “Cindy” 10x rounds each of 5 pullups/10 pushups/15 squats while the Teammate holds at the bottom of a squat “It pays to be a winner” filled the air from Guest CrossFit Coach and Staff Sergeant Christian Nichols a great friend of mine from Luke Air Force Base. After a short hydration break the boys were asked to grab a medicine ball #20 and get it overhead, then I asked a simple question… Who is the strongest one here? Within 3 seconds Brandon “Slo Mo” Nee yelped out “I am sir” I then asked… Who is the smartest one here? Once again Nee answered “I am sir”. We had found our leader and he was ready for what was next. It was a med ball run to Starbucks on the 101 a few miles down the road that took just under the 15 minute cap. Upon arrival we hydrated with coffee for the coaches and water for the unit a SealFit class standard. Then the final Evolution was given to get back in under 10 minutes together as a team. 3.2.1 GO they took off in a single file line through the Walmart parking lot and we followed behind. They turned the corner off of Brotherus at the start of minute 9 and sprinted through the street to finish at 9:41.

For the last 20 minutes two time Hell Week graduate, current bad ass and Coach Jen D fired away for someone to get the 5 count burpees right and when nobody answered she sent them back out for a run up the road. After a few more exercises we ended class with all 8 guys stepping forward and crossing the line to show they were committing to the SealFit program.

The SealFit class is from 0500-0700 every Friday for 8 weeks then a 2 week break. It counts as 2 classes and you must wear your black classic CrossFit Scottsdale ts/tanks. Anyone and everyone is welcome to drop in or give it a try as long as you carry a white band or have completed Hell Week I or II. Only those who complete 8 classes in a row will graduate with honor. This class will test the limits of your physical capabilities while pushing you past anything you ever thought was possible mentally. If you have any questions please email Coach


SealFit 1.1
Slo Mo/Keith/Camaro/Bret/Northrop/Kuive/Geoff/Ken