SealFit 1.2

SealFit 1.2 started with a very simple Evolution…

Complete 200 five count burpees for the two Teammates who were missing from class. 40 minutes later they were done! Why did it take so long??? Because this week we had zero leadership until minute 35 and that is when 17 year old and CrossFit Kid intern Geoff stepped up and stepped up BIG. This week’s crew had Arizona’s finest hand surgeon, a top young attorney, a real estate broker, an army National Guard reserve and one of my financial advisors. Needless to say it was STACKED with intelligent leaders. So why did it take a 17 year old to make shit happen? Leadership only works when someone decides to use it. Geoff took charge early and never looked back. Its Geoff’s voice I heard when most guys were grunting and breathing hard “Lets GO, let’s DO this” as he lay face down on the concrete pushing out burpees. “HOOYA” that’s the kind of kid I want as my roommate at NAU, where Geoff will be attending in the fall. Now back to the grinder… After burpees we geared up the crew with #80 sandbags, #45 plates, weapons (weighted pvc) a Teddy Bear and a XXXL Tie-dye shirt and headed to Starbucks. If you had on the shirt or were holding a teddy bear you were…. Slacking. The only 2 men wearing the shirt were current Army National Guard soldier “Harrison” and soon to be shipped to Iraq “Frank”. Both of these young men will get more and more mental discipline as the weeks progress, they are the ones whose life truly depends on how fit their are and how far their mind will take them.

It is our duty to train these warriors as if there life depends on it.”

We had a special guest this week Navy Recruiter Corey Hill reminded us of the Navy code


 *This week the team will be meeting at the base of Pinnacle Peak where they will be helping CrossFit Scottsdale student Leona as she volunteers weekly to keep the hiking site clean and safe. The task will be hauling this rock pile to specific locations on the mountain. If you are interested in joining please be at the base of Pinnacle Peak at 26802 N 102nd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85262 at 0500 hours this Friday July, 12. Bring a water bottle or camel pack.