SealFit “Kokoro”

Kokoro (unconquerable spirit)

Why in the world would I want to spend 50 straight hours without 3 of my favorite things….? Warmth, food and sleep.  This weekend , I will be at SealFit’s Kokoro Camp with student Chris Northrop on the beaches of Escondido in San Diego county with what is the closest Navy Seal training on the planet without enlisting. Created by Navy Seal Vet and Founder of SealFit, Mark Divine. The 50 hour straight weekend course that deprives you of sleep, nutrition and comfort will be without a doubt one of the toughest physical and mental challenges we have faced. So back to my original question, why in the world would I want to do this? For you. At this stage in the game, life’s challenges make me better at training, coaching, mentoring, as a father, husband and leader. “What doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger” besides when else can you test your heart?  Upon successful completion of this weekends course we will be launching the new SealFit Scottsdale program, a 2 hour weekly class that will push your limits and forge mental toughness. Are you ready? Those of you that have completed Hell Week I or II and have a level 1 band are eligible for admission into the specialty class. Details to follow.

Today ‘s programming is designed by the SealFit Model of Strength, Stamina and Durability. 5 minute grinder (flutter kick, superman, push up hold, plank, hollow rocks) NO REST. 5 minute AMRAP (10 lunges, 10 push ups) Strength: strict pull up (5 x failure) WOD: 2 min max effort of each with a 1 minute break in between – sit ups – push up – burpee – deadlift (135/95) – 1 mile run for time.

SEALFIT Evolution 2 from SEALFIT on Vimeo.

"It pays to be a winner"