“I want to dance at my daughter’s wedding”

I first joined CrossFit Scottsdale in order to become healthy and reverse my pre-diabetes.  Most of you know that, and also know that did indeed get my insulin resistance under control primarily by WOD-ing 5 days a week.  Now that I am a new daddy at almost 39 years old, I realize that beating diabetes is just the beginning.  I have so much more to do to get healthy. The CrossFit definition of health is fitness across all ages.  In other words, being healthy means that my Fran time at 39 years old would be about the same when I am 65 years old.  Actually, I hope my Fran is better by the time I reach 65 because right now it’s not so good!  The age of 65 is when most people consider retiring, spending their days traveling, golfing, or maybe needing some type of assisted living.  When I turn 65, that could be around the time my newborn daughter would be ready to get married.  Yikes! I got a late start on my family life, so that means I MUST stay fitter that other people my age in order to share in my daughter’s life milestones.  I have to be fit enough and healthy enough to play with her in the park, to attend all her recitals or games, to be her hero at all times.  I also want to be fit enough to scare the snot out of anyone daring enough to date her in her teenage years!  And, most importantly, I want to be able to dance at my daughter’s wedding.

I’m going to be training harder than before.  Sure, getting my Level 2 band was great and competing in Friday Night Lights was an awesome experience.  Yeah, I would like to be able to do Fran rx’d or Murph with a vest.  But most importantly, I have to train harder now because my family needs me more than ever, and because I will be there for my daughter for all her important life events.  So this is an open invite to the CFS community: please help push me to reach my goals, and I’ll do the same for you!

– Don