An update to Naj from Jedi’s Mom…

Jedi (aka) Allen-Mikel’s update: We have sopken to Allen-Mikel twice now in three weeks for a total of 21 minutes. He talks very fast and shares as much as possible. He can’t send letters out yet, his TI has not allowed it. He says he was very prepared for basic training and is glad because he has energy leftover at the end of the day. While the other guys are exausted, he is cramming the books. He has decided he wants to make Honor Flight and is working towards that goal. Thanks to you, your husband, family and the CrossFit Scottsdale coaches and team he is doing great physically, and thanks to Don Wong because he has the tools he needs to deal with the stress. We are proud to report that he is excelling. He is very greatful and so am I for all the help he had at CrossFit Scottsdale preparing for this chapter in his life. He is receiving inbound mail and can now get pictures. I know he would love a copy of your family picture.Please pass on to the team how well he is doing and we will share his news as we get it.
Story he wanted to share: He was woken up by his instructor at around 2 am because his pockets had been inspected. He got into trouble because he had two pieces of paper in his pocket and he is only allowed one. Had to do flutter kicks until his instructor came back. Everyone else got up showered dressed and left before the instructor came back. He never quit and 45 minutes later he could not stand up when he was released. He thought it was very funny and was laughing about it because it was reminisent of “Hell Week” he said he will never ever have more than one piece of paper in his pocket again. Oh yes, he wants everyone to know he is the best in his unit at making beds. Says his corners are “Money”. (that kid hardly ever made a bed in his life)

~Amy Armstrong