2011 Reebok CrossFit Games South West Regional

(In-spire) verb used with a subject. To fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence. To inspire confidence in others.

This is the word I would use to sum up the greatest weekend in CrossFit Scottsdale history. 20 of our students, coaches and athletes traveled to Denver, Colorado to compete in the most difficult and challenging competition to date. The 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games South West Regional. Our team led by Ted Sweeney started Friday morning with Wod #1 each teammate Coach Skip Divelbiss, Coach Jen Donovan and Laura Carstens had to row 750x meters then complete 50x total handstand push ups and then each row another 750x meters. Ted knocked out 20 straight, Skip followed with 15 both Jen and Laura got in five and then Ted completed 10 more to finish with a time of 26:54. This was a grueling start to a long weekend and our team was definitely undersized by height and weight but not heart.

The 2nd Team wod was a 1 man 1 woman thruster ladder for a combined total weight. Coach Tiffany started with #105 and continued to climb #115, #125, and finished with #130. Then it was Cowboy Brad’s turn who had successfully cleared #245 at home. The men’s weight started at #155 and Brad cleared it with ease then #165, #175, #185, and then “NO REP” at #195 the judge called a bend in the knee and that was it for a total of #315. The standards were extremely fair but hard and everyone got the same calls even for the smallest movement in your feet the judge would call a no rep. Day 1 was over for the Team and they were sitting in 23rd place. Only the Top 10 Team’s would make it to the final day.

Day #2 started with what would be the most emotional part of the weekend an extremely heavy couplet and 21,15,9 rep scheme of #275 dead lift/30″ box jump for the men #185/24″ box jump for the women. Not only was this a heavy workout it was extremely painful to perform and watch, time was running out with a 20 minute cut off when Coach Tiff had both sets of 9 to complete. With her Team, husband and entire crowd behind her she fought to finish each dead lift and get back to the box with 45 seconds left. Screaming with each final rep and finishing in 19:48 we stormed the field to share the roller coaster of emotions with Coach Tiff and I personally started sharing crocodile tears as we carried her off the field.

Wod#4 was a chipper also known as “1000” reps. 250x chest to bar pull ups/250x kettle bell swings #35-55/250x double unders/250x overhead squats #65-95. Only one teammate could work at at a time and this would be the most extreme wod of the weekend. This would also be the best performance by our Team finishing in a respectable time of 32:12 and 23rd place overall on this grueling test of strength, stamina, endurance, balance and power.

So why do we enjoy what we do so much at CrossFit Scottsdale? Because we have fun! We support eachother when things are good, great and terribly wrong. We are a community that has built lifelong relationships with like minded individuals and most importantly we have experience. In only our 2nd year competing at the CrossFit Games we have more Regional qualifiers than any other school in the region with “4”. Back to back qualifier Coach Jeff Brennan, last years regional teamates Matt Blanton, Coach Mel Einbinder and myself Coach Luke Kayyem. I would also like to thank the greatest teamates on the planet without you we would not have had the cheering and support we had this past weekend  Dr. Jeff Zuhl, Coach Erin Wellendorf, Mike McLinn, Dani Moudry, Chris Ellsworth, Michelle Blanton and back to back youngest CrossFit Scottsdale student Reese Blanton who all made the trip to Colrado. Thank you and we love you all. Training for the 2012 CrossFit Games starts today!!!

Respectfully Coach Luke Kayyem