Scottsdale Endurance Program: A Stronger, Faster & More Efficient Athlete

Come one, come all, you marathon running, triathlon training, endurance enthusiasts or just plain crazy Crossfitters to CrossFit Scottsdale’s 24 Hour WOD; celebrating the kick off of our new and upcoming Scottsdale Endurance Program.  Come join the team as we dive into one our hardest challenges yet, 10 minutes of endurance based movements on the hour, every hour for one whole day.  Think you have what it takes?  Then sign up now to see what you’re truly made of. 

Upon the completion of the 24 Hour WOD CrossFit Scottsdale is excited to announce the start of our endurance program.  Taking over the Concrete and Steel slot Wednesday mornings and creating an additional early morning spot, Saturdays at 8am, athletes will have an opportunity to embark into the  Crossfit world of endurance training.  Whether you’re interested in Ultramarathons, Triathlons, a 5k or simply improving your Murph time, this new program will help you develop into a stronger, faster and more efficient athlete.   Similar to how we’ve trained Olympic Lifts and gymnastics skills, we will break down the art of running, rowing and plyometrics, instructing students on how to improve their strike, position, stride, breathing, nutrition, and more.  We plan to focus on longer metcon training, in combination with intervals, time trials, medleys and other endurance related guidance; which will ultimately create an athlete with improved biomechanics and health.  So sign up now for your opportunity to join Scottsdale’s Endurance Team and see how quality training can improve your ultimate goals.

Scottsdale Endurance will be a separate program from our CrossFit Scottsdale Membership. Please call 480-922-3253 for details and pricing.

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