Kip Clinic – Essential Skill Training for your Fitness Routine

MONDAY, MAY 16th AT 7:00PM
The kipping pull-up is an essential skill in your CrossFit training regimen and workout routine. It combines strength, speed, flexibility, and gymnastics into one single movement. The kipping pull-up, like all skills, takes practice and patience to develop. On Monday, May 16th at CrossFit Scottsdale we will be holding a clinic dedicated to the kipping pull-up. We will be covering the technique, exercises to improve the movement, and some tips on practicing this essential fitness skill. For those of you who already have a kipping pull-up, we will also be working on the butterfly pull-up and teaching the technique to get over the bar even faster. Like all skills practice and patience is involved. If you want to improve, make sure you sign up today and be ready to get over that bar!