Congrats to All Who Endured 24 Hours of CrossFit Scottsdale

The 24 Hour Endurance WOD is just the kickoff of the new Endurance program at CrossFit Scottsdale. We now have 2 new endurance classes, Wednesday at 5am and Saturday at 8am, where the primary focus will be endurance training. This program is not only going to benefit athletes who are training for marathons, triathlons, iron man events, and distance events, but also the athlete who just want to improve their overall level of cardiovascular endurance.

I’d like to thank everyone who came out and participated and/or supported our first CrossFit Scottsdale Endurance Team event and more importantly I want to congratulate the impressive athletes who completed the 24 Hour WOD. This is a huge accomplishment that could not have been completed without perseverance, athletic ability and a good sense of humor. We ran, walked, biked, lifted, jumped, slept, and even danced. There are not many people for one who would even fathom the thought of enduring this type of physical trial, and you all set out to complete each 10 minute WOD for 24 hours and achieved just that. I’m very proud of everyone who can now call themselves a true 24 Hour Endurance Athlete.

How strong is your heart? Come find out at CrossFit Scottsdale!

Enjoy the 25th WOD…watching this video: