24 Hours of Fitness

Today we kick of CrossFit Scottsdale’s Endurance Program with a 24 hour workout!  Students, friends, family and those brand new to CrossFit Scottsdale will see how long they can endure as we challenge them to a 10 minute workout on the hour every hour for 24 hours.  The Fun starts at 9:30am and the first Workout of the Day will be at 10:00am.  Stay tuned for all the details and if you are just coming to class we do still have our regularly scheduled 9am, 10am and CrossFit Kids at 11am.

Today’s WOD for 9am & 10am:

Warm-Up: 10 minutes of Endurance
2 minutes Jump Rope
2 minutes Row
2 minutes Burpees
1 minute Jump Rope
1 minute Row
1 minute Burpees
10 seconds of transistion in between each

Strength:  9-6-3 Ring Rows/HSPU

WOD:  7 minute AMRAP
Toes to Bar
Everytime you come off the bar 2 shuttle runs
Score total Toes to Bar