Scottsdale to San Francisco “Wanna get away”

I am pleased to announce the “Wanna get away” CrossFit Scottsdale travel pass. For all CrossFit Scottsdale students traveling to San Francisco you can train using your current membership at Lalanne Fitness located in the heart of the city and in their new 5,000 sq/ft facility.

My good friend, colleague and the man responsible for my birth into CrossFit Chris Lalanne owner of Lalanne Fitness and his wife Maribel, have opened up their doors to all of us Zonan’s especially during the summer. The Lalanne’s and their team operate under our same “School of Elite Fitness” principals… Train hard, eat right and study the game. With so many CrossFit’s opening up in malls, church’s and parks with little or no Coaching experience at all it’s reassuring to know Chris is one of the top Coaches in the world and Lalanne Fitness is one of the premiere CrossFit’s on the planet. So if you love to CrossFit, travel and eat there’s is no better way to spend a weekend. Please email your arrival at From Phoenix to San Francisco is $189 on Southwest Airlines.