Healthy Easter Treats & Fitness Activities for Kids

To avoid all the Easter treats tempting us, here are a few ideas for recipes and basket stuffing CrossFit Scottsdale Kids Heroes style!

Eat some of those dyed hard boiled eggs.  They also make a great egg salad wrapped in lettuce. Bunnies eat lettuce. That’s very Easter-y!  Here’s an egg salad recipe that’s easy for parents and kids to make. 

Another fun idea that we learned from Chef Justin at the Family Open House is to make your own trail mix. Get some different nuts and seeds: almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews etc. Add some dried fruit: raisins, cranberries, blueberries and pineapple whatever you like. Ok…ok…and for a little Easter treat some of those pastel colored M&M’s would work well in the trail mix too. Your mix would work well to fill some plastic Easter eggs to hunt later!

As for some ideas for the Easter bunny to fill baskets, maybe a new jump rope is in order. Bunnies hop right? Or maybe some new sidewalk-chalk to draw hop scotch or four square boards.

Happy Easter!  5 burpees for every egg you find!







CrossFit Scottsdale Kids Workout of the Day

Game/ Warm-up:  CrossFit Heroes Easter Egg Hunt

Skill: Kettle Bell Swing

W.O.D.:   “Megan”



                   KB Swing

                   Jump Rope