Athlete Of The Month

A big THANK YOU to CrossFit Scottsdale! I really appreciate all the support you have given me and this Honor of Athlete of the Month. When I first started nine months ago, my motivation was to lose weight and be healthy. Little did I realize that my experience would be much more than that.

My friends at work have noticed that I am looking trimmer and asked what I was doing. I told them about Crossfit and tried to explain the burpees, handstands, pull-ups, thrusters …they thought I was crazy for a 50 year old! After trying to explain it to my co-workers it made me wonder why I keep showing up. It’s pretty simple, it challenges me to do things both physically and mentally that I never thought I could do. I leave every workout totally exhausted but I feel stronger and ready to tackle the day.

Thanks to all the Coaches your encouragement, knowledge and patience are remarkable (also not laughing and being CPR certified is appreciated).
And to my teammates, Thanks for coming back for me on my last 400 meters and never leaving me behind. I feel honored to be connected with such positive people.

The 0700 crew, from left Alison, Chris, Pam, Dani, Kurt and Don.