Masters and Team Information

Masters Competitors

The birthday cut-offs for the Masters divisions are as follows:
45-49:   Born on or between 7/15/61 and 7/14/66
50-54:   Born on or between 7/15/56 and 7/14/61
55-59:   Born on or between 7/15/51 and 7/14/56
60+:      Born on or before 7/14/51

The two younger categories of Masters will compete in the same workouts as the individual men and women. The two older categories of Masters will be given modified workouts to perform. For each age bracket of the Masters, the top 20 men and top 20 women worldwide will qualify for the Games, with no Regional competition.


All members of the team must first register as individual athletes on the Open website. There is no limit to the number of athletes on a team, but each athlete can be on no more than one team. An athlete may compete in the Open as an individual AND as part of a team. Their scores will count for both. Official Teams must include at least three men and three women. All of the athletes on a team must train at the same gym.

For an athlete’s scores to count toward their team’s qualification efforts in any given week, they must still be “in the running” as an individual. This means that they cannot scale, DNF, or be disqualified for missing range of motion on the current or any prior week’s workout.