HELL WEEK II starts this morning at 0500 and we unofficially have 16 students preparing for WAR. “This is not Boot Camp, this ain’t GLOBO gym and I am not your friend” states Coach Kayyem. My goal is to break every individual down to the very bottom and then build them back up 1 MORE REP AT A TIME. It’s going to be a long week for these guys, 10 hours of Elite Mental & Physical Training. By the time we get these guys wet quitting will have crossed everyones mind. We will be performing the official CrossFit warm-up this week at CrossFit Scottsdale. Get to class early to foam roll, stretch out and stay hydrated. Even if your not enlisted in this week’s Military style training things will feel…. Well you’ll see.

Official CrossFit warm-up
Sampson stretch 20 seconds each side
15 of each of the following
Overhead squat
Sit up
Pull up
*If the WOD is pull up/dip-centric we will sub out the movement for Handstand push-up