CrossFit Scottsdale Connections- Get prepared to be the BEST!

Friday Night Lights is right around the corner, and all of you that are competing are eating clean, working out hard, and focusing on your health and preparedness for this amazing competition, so what is missing? What can help you get on your A-Game to be the best of the best, and know that when you show up, you will give it your all? Hypnotherapy can help!  Don Wong is a certified hypnotherapist; He utilizes deep relaxation, guided imagery, life coaching, and problem solving techniques to help remove any obstacles from achieving your true happiness and success.  Discover and remove those beliefs and thought patterns that cause that self-sabotaging behavior.

 The secret lies in your subconscious mind.  By accessing your subconscious mind and rewriting negative programming, you can take your life to the next level. He can help you with: weight management, divorce support, anger management, improving relationships, enhancing self-esteem, depression, stress/anxiety, insomnia Change your mind, change your life. When you are ready, contact Don for a free initial consultation.  You’ve got nothing to lose, and your life to gain.  


Come to this month’s CrossFit Scottsdale Connections meeting to learn more about Don’s amazing experience and education in the background of hypnotherapy, and see what he can do for you to help change your life.

CrossFit Scottsdale Connections; the premier place to market your business to fellow CrossFitters!! We hope you can all attend this month’s connections meeting being held tomorrow, March 15th at Noon presented by our very own Don Wong, MBA,MPH,CHt, Hypnotherapist. The meeting will take place at the office of Arizona Housing Angels/Melaleuca located at 7655 Redfield Suite #8, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.