Check your EGO at the door.

Check your ego at the door because this is a true Throwdown of what a bona fide Crossfitter is made of.  Have you ever completed three WODs in a day? How about one day of three WODs, followed by another day of two, one of them consisting of three different workouts within one WOD? If your answer is yes, then you’re probably laying horizontal, in a semi comatose state, close to what I’m doing at this very moment, consumed with an intense amount of pride and disbelief of what you have just completed.  And if your answer is no, then you have not reached the level of competition that’s out there, waiting to challenge the next best Crossfitter.

It’s easy to train in the comfort of your own box, garage, gym or whatever you may call that comfy place you reside.  But it’s not until you jump out of this cozy place of familiar faces and equipment, that you find what you are truly made of.  This is where competition can truly measure the level at which you’re training.  Competition brings about the unknown; unknown equipment, unknown movements, weights, thresholds and competitors. 

This weekend Luke, Brandon and I traveled to El Paso to compete in the Southwest Fitness Throwdown.  This was like no other competition I had ever participated in. I walked in confident and ready to compete and what I quickly realized was in fact, everything is “Bigger & Better in Texas.”  The competition held WODs with bigger weights, better and stronger competition, and more difficult standards.   It was the “unknown” of this competition, filled with its unfamiliar equipment, and contenders that shaped a very humbling and eye opening experience into what I’ve been training for accurately and where my weaknesses lie.   

As Sections, Regionals and the Games rapidly approach, where are you with your training? Are you ready for what’s out there, the “Bigger and Better”?  Are you training at your full potential?  What I have gained from this weekend is that you always have to train knowing there is someone else out there training harder, heavier and more intensely than you, so HTFU, drink some whole milk and catch up. 

Melissa “Mel” Einbinder

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