Be prepared… Week #1 of Friday Night Lights

Welcome to week 1 of the 2011 CrossFit Games competition season. The next 6 weeks, whether you are competing all 6 Fridays or not, will bring out your best and we can’t wait to support that!

Here are a few things to note:

Athlete Check-In starts at CrossFit Scottsdale on Friday evening at 5pm and close at 5:45pm.  Please remember to fill out and bring your waiver to the Athlete Check.

The movements and standards review will start at 6pm and the first heat will begin at 6:10pm.  Please review the movements and standards provided by CrossFit HQ at

Heats will be posted on the CrossFit Scottsdale website under Friday Night Lights on Friday morning. 

This week we are starting with the Scaled division, then Masters and then RX.  There will be an area designated for warm-up and a volunteer helping to get heats ready but please note your heat time and be ready!  Also know that things may change so be sure to keep updated and listen for any announcements.  There will be a Medic and Physical Therapist on site to assist in any needs that would require them.

Registration for Friday Night Lights week 1 and the 6 week package will close on Thursday March 17th at 5pm.  There will NOT be any onsite registration on Friday.

Some reminders about registering:

If you are a Gamer (Rx) or a Masters competitor and want to move on to Regionals, you MUST REGISTER on the Games Website.  Signing up at CFS for Friday Night Lights ensures that you will have a place to compete – all the equipment, judging, official CrossFit validation, music, cheerleaders, and energy is taken care of.  However, you need to register with CrossFit HQ to let them know who you are!  Otherwise, you could be the best in AZ, NV, NM, CO, and UT, but not have a spot in Regionals! To register, go to and click on Register Now on the right hand side.  You will then select Register as an Athlete.  There is a $10 fee to sign up with HQ.  Please note that CFS will REFUND your $10 if you paid for all 6 weeks of competition and complete all 6 weeks.

Additionally, be sure to add yourself as a Team member to CrossFit Scottsdale if you are interested.  Individuals who do not qualify for one of the 60 spots in Regionals may still go to Regionals as part of a Team.  It costs nothing extra to add yourself to a team. 

Be sure to come prepared, bring your water, some food, a change of clothes and shoes and of course your favoirite jumprope…or 2.