Are you prepared for anything?

Are you Prepared for Anything?

If you had 60 minutes to get from your job to your house to get your family and get to safety or higher land, could you? If you had to carry your 4 year old, 6 miles (the distance that the tsunami traveled inland at Miyagi, Japan) with a backpack, for medical attention, could you? Or would you would you rely on others for your family’s safety and survival? Do you think that question would ever run through the students of Hell Week’s 2 minds? Hell No, they are mentally and physically prepared for anything.

I sleep better at night knowing that I can save my family. Carrying large loads, long distances fast, doing more work in less time, are all choices that I make when I train every day. Do you think “Globo Joe” on the treadmill, listening to his “pump it up” play-list, could endure Hell Week? Or worse a catastrophic event. As I watched the natural disasters unfold and the earth continue to move, one thing was on my mind…why we train at these uncomfortable levels and why we push ourselves past what we think we can. So that we may forge mental toughness.

Friday morning when this video was being filmed, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan sending a tsunami 500 MPH toward the beach cities of North Eastern Japan. At the same time, Hell Week 2 was being trained for anything and prepared for everything. How many people lost their lives because they couldn’t get away quick enough? How many could have lived if they were a bit faster or a little stronger?
During Hell week II, 20 students became more familiar with the unknown and unknowable. They got more comfortable being uncomfortable and they were tested for survival in water, a skill that all humans should poses.

Teamwork, Endurance, Strength, Camaraderie, Concern for others, Cold Water Training, Carrying large loads, Pushing past their limits, and Heart were some of the survival skills and tactics the Hell Week 2 troop accomplished, these people learned mental toughness and physical preparedness skills to help them survive.

You have now graduated and passed the pre-requisite for SealFit Scottsdale, our new sister program for elite athletes, doctors, lawyers, moms, and anyone who has the heart, desire and courage to push themselves past any level before. We are survival of the fittest. For those of you who completed Hell Week 2, what did you learn about yourself? About your team? About your life?