The 2011 CrossFit Games website is live… get registered

All athletes competeing in the 2011 CrossFit Open through “Friday Night Lights” must also register on the CrossFit Games website as a competitor Be sure to add your affiliate name as your team.

The workouts are varied and no one knows what they will be from week to week until they’re announced. The workout for the week will be announced each Tuesday, and all competitors have until the following Sunday to enter their results online. If you are competing at Friday Night Lights, CrossFit Scottsdale will validate your scores on the spot.

The Games Open website is command-central for competitors and fans participating in the CrossFit Games Open.  You can register as an Athlete to compete or register as a Fan. The site allows you to customize your experience on the site and to comment on articles, videos, and photos.

In addition to the scoring data on the Friday Night Lights blog, the customizable leaderboard on the games site is your window into the competition. It becomes active as soon as the first workout goes live. All competitors will be ranked worldwide and by region. There are weekly rankings for each workout and overall rankings for the entire competition. The leaderboard is updated as new scores are received, so you can track your competition throughout the week.

There is a side-by-side athlete comparison feature that lets you measure your performance results against your training partner or your favorite celebrity CrossFitter to see how you stack up.