SouthWest Throwdown

This weekend I am off to El Paso, Texas with Teamates “Mel” Melissa Einbinder, “SloMo” Brandon Nee and “Get the FU– back on the bar” Najla Joy Kayyem. We are competing in the 2nd annual SouthWest Throwdown hosted by our friends Ernest Mc Laurin¬†and Marc Duchene of CrossFit El Paso.

This two day event will cover all that CrossFit incompases. Fast sprints, Snatches and cleans. Sleds, deads and handstands. Row, burpee and pistols. With over 100 athletes competing there will be two cuts to see who makes the final wod. Texas is a BIG sport, football and fitness state so you know the locals are going to be solid athletes. No worries Scottsdale we are prepared for battle and will REP OUR HOOD… 480.

Day 1


Perform the following for time:
Run 1 Mile
50m sled drag forward
50m sled drag backward
50m sled drag forward
50m sled drag backward
1000m row

W.O.D. #2-3

In 5 min find your 1 rep max on the Snatch
Then, rest 5 minutes

Perform for time:
Squat Snatch x 5 #135/95
5 rounds of cindy (5 pullups 10 pushups 15 squats)
Squat snatch x 5
50 double unders
Squat snatch x 5
30 pistols (15 each leg alternating)

Day 2


AMRAP in 10 min of:

5 Pull ups
5 ring dips
15 sit ups
*All performed with a 20lb vest (women no vest)

WOD 5  (Finals)

AMRAP in 6 min of:
Hang power cleans x 6 #155/115
Burpees x 3
-2 min rest-

Tabata mash up:

Deadlifts #155/115
Box jumps #20
-4 min rest-
Then 3 rounds for time of:
Squat cleans x 10 #155/115
Handstand push ups x 5