Personal and Street Defense Workshop


Martial blade concepts &IMPROVISED-WEAPONs

Personal and Street Defense Workshop

Only $185 for both days!

APRIL 9th & 10th, 2011 

CrossFit Scottsdale

Tuff-Writer and CrossFit Scottsdale will be hosting noted self-defense instructor Michael Janich for a two-day training seminar presenting comprehensive instruction in the fundamental skills of Martial Blade Concepts and the use of improvised weapons for personal defense. This is not a traditional martial arts or “knife fighting class”, this is a hands-on practical course in unarmed and edged weapons training designed to bring you up to speed fast.

The course will cover the following:

-      Step-by-step instruction in the fundamental skills of using a knife as a defensive weapon

-       Knife selection, carry techniques and high-speed deployment

-      Recognition and identification of common street attacks

-      Defensive responses

-      Anatomical targeting

-      The realities of knife stopping power

The course will also include detailed instruction in MBC’s close-quarters reverse-grip system and show you how to adapt reverse-grip skills to a variety of improvised weapons, including kubotans, pens, and tactical flashlights. Janich’s instruction will also explore transitions from improvised weapons to a handgun or other purpose-designed weapon and the integration of improvised weapons with empty-hand tactics.

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