HELL WEEK II at CrossFit Scottsdale March 7-11

Lead by example.  NO one gets left behind. It pays to be first.
These are just some of the inspirational quotes that you will repeat for HELL WEEK II at CrossFit Scottsdale. This 1 week course will push you to your mental limits while teaching you everything we know about  training, discipline, leadership, spirituality and moral virtues of a warrior. We leave no stone unturned and hold nothing back.  These skills are not learned in a textbook, success manual or classroom. They must be experienced in the arena of hard physical training, mental toughness, emotional discipline, and humility. For those of you who completed HELL WEEK 1 expect more evolutions, team effectiveness, Warrior leadership and cold water therapy.


  For a select few that will be joining me for KOKORO Camp at SEALFIT May 13-15 this will be a ramp up to be ready for the 50 hour course.
Coaches S.Divelbiss & N.Katz. Students K. Robinson, M. Lutz, S. Selden and J.Brennan will be looked to for guidance, direction and leadership. If any of you are interested in taking the first step and challenge with us let me know how you can take the jouney.

Founder of SEALFIT Coach Mark Devine was visiting us a few weeks back to discuss SEALFIT SCOTTSDALE as becoming the 1st licensed SEALFIT Affiliate and how we can create a program that teaches more than fitness. It teaches life lessons to those who want to WIN. Our Jedi Knight program will be spread around the world to support young cadetts and financially help them become part of a community that turns “Boys to Men”.

The cost of HELL WEEK II is FREE for all UNLIMITED students or $60 fee for all other levels, plus $25 for a limited edition Hell Week Class II t-shirt.

10x wods in 5x days. You will need to attend all five 0500 classes plus five other classes (5am & ?) 2 a days in order to successfully pass. No make ups. No excuses. No problems. All caddets will need to have at every class. 1x CrossFit Scottsdale shirt. 1x personal jump rope. 1x pair knee socks. 1x personal water container large enough for one fill during class only. 1x Towel and an open mind, strong heart and willingness for teamwork.

“Some of you will quit, some of you won’t, all of you will want to”
Coach L. Kayyem