Filthy Fifty Finals – The Results Are In!

The results are in…the Filthy Fifty Finals were amazing!! I was extremely impressed with the dedication, effort, and heart that each and every athlete put forth tonight. It was a true example of what makes the community at CrossFit Scottsdale so great. I want to thank everyone who helped out at both the prelims and the finals. We would not have been able to put on such a fun event with so much energy and excitement without you.

 The results were very impressive. Every single competitor improved their time over the last 30 days. The average improvement was over 3 minutes and 30 seconds! It is amazing what 30 days of hard work can do…outstanding!

 Pam Foley got the fastest time in the beginner’s category and improved her time by almost 2 minutes. In the intermediate category, Stephanie DeLaMora got the fastest time for the women and Chris Ellsworth got the fastest time for the men. In the advanced category, Jenn Donovan got the fastest time for the women and Jeff Brennan got the fastest time for the men. In the most improved category Emily Warren competed in the Women’s advanced category and took over 3 minutes off of her preliminary time. Keith Robinson competed in the men’s advanced category and improved by a whopping 8 minutes and 25 seconds. And finally in the finals only competition Billy Aiton won the intermediate category and Brad Kuiper won the advanced category.

 As a coach, I could not be more proud of the results of the Filthy Fifty Finals. Every day as athletes and students you make it easy to show up and never quit. Watching every competitor and judge come together tonight in true CrossFit Scottsdale fashion makes what we do a dream come true. From all of us at CrossFit Scottsdale…thank you for what you do!

Name Cat Sex Prelim  Final  Imprvmt
Pam Foley Beg 14:50 12:51 1:59
Alison Nocks Beg F 18:06 17:49 0:17
Stephanie D. Int F 17:13 15:49 1:24
Amanda Gornet Int F 20:39 16:23 4:16
Patty Stewart Int F 19:43 16:53 2:50
Julie Kern Int F 20:18 17:44 2:34
Chris E Int 19:18 14:34 4:44
Mark D Int M 21:00 15:07 5:53
Jennifer Dononvan Adv  F 21:38 17:31 4:07
Emily Warren Adv F 30:40 27:28 3:12
Jeff Brennan Adv M 16:16 15:36 0:40
Allen-Mikal “Jedi” Adv M 27:50 20:40 7:10
Don Wong Adv M 31:05 24:52 6:13
Josh Vella Adv M 28:06 26:21 1:45
Eric Stewart Adv M 28:21 27:26 0:55
Keith Robinson Adv M 37:43 29:18 8:25
Billy Aiton Int M Finals   22:55  
Steve C Int M Finals 23:31  
Brad K Adv M Finals 18:37  
Hee Beom Adv M Finals 28:06  
Kevin P Adv M Finals 28:30  
Ted S Adv M Finals 29:40  
Neil F Adv M Finals 30:58