“Coach your kids”

4 Things to Know Before You Coach Your Kids

As your son or daughter signs up for youth soccer or T-ball, you’ll notice a little box on the application which a dad can check if he’s willing to coach.

If you do end up coaching your children, consider the following:

• First, don’t put pressure on your child. Believe it or not, your child may not be the star or team leader. Let him find his own place on the team.

• Second, make sure you have some practice time alone with your child. Many of the other kids will go home and play catch with their dads. You may think that, as a coach, you’ve already done that. But your son or daughter also needs your time one-on-one.

• Remember, the goals are fun, exercise, sportsmanship and self-improvement. Make sureeveryone participates to the best of their ability and contributes to the team. Give that struggling kid a few extra innings at second base – he may cost you a game, but he’ll also eventually throw somebody out. That’s real winning.

• Finally, coaching can be a chance to reach out – not just to your kids, but to some of the other kids on the team. These days, if you put 15 kids on a ball field, at least 7 will come from broken homes and another few will have dads who just don’t have a clue. What a great chance this is for them to be encouraged by an adult male who cares for their well-being. As a coach, you can make a life-changing impression on your child and every other kid on that team.