Clean Clinic: Develop the skills needed to improve your WOD times and your form

Like my Rack??? Well here’s your opportunity to make yours more attractive.

On Monday February 28th from 6-8pm CrossFit Scottsdale will host an Olympic Lifting skills development clinic to perfect the Clean and work on your Clean and Jerk. This seminar will be approximately 2 hours long and will focus on the skill transfer exercises as well as reviewing and perfecting your Clean technique and Clean and Jerk combo. We will be reviewing, ingraining and/or breaking down the following applicable skills 1- Burgener warm-up 2- Clean Skills Transfer Exercises 3- Developing Hip power 4- The set up, pull and finish 5- Improving flexibility of the Rack position 6- The front squat (receiving the bar and where to finish the clean) 7- Fundamentals of the Split Jerk and recovery

Expect a video analysis and review of your lifts….you’ve got to see it to believe it. This event is open to all ages and fitness levels. The price of the clinic is $40 for non-members and $30 for CrossFit Scottsdale students. To register, send an email to or sign up at the gym.

Here’s a taste of The “Burgener Warmup for the Clean”
Why? Same reason we do the Burgener warmup for snatches – it trains the body for each of the movements in the lift, it gives us a chance to tweak your form, and it warms up your muscles. As a school, we do this warm up often. Learn it, live it, love it.
• Down and up: Keeping your back vertical, sending your butt back and dip slightly with your knees to about a quarter squat, explode upwards and carry that momentum from that hip drive into your shoulders and after full hip extension add to “the power” by shrugging your shoulders upwards.
• Elbows high and outside: At the “top” of your “down and up” shrug, keep the bar as close to your chest as possible and pull up on the bar by bending your elbows “high and outside” – like a scarecrow.
• Muscle Cleans: From the high hang position, combine the first 2 movements above and when you are in full “scarecrow” position, rotate your arms/shoulders under and around the bar. Note: with PVC, getting the bar to “fully rack” is tough for many….adding a little weight will help.
• Clean Land: The bar is racked, elbows are high and feet are in jumping position – we are going to dip and drive, move the feet into landing position, and land in a quarter squat.
• Clean Drop: Same as the Clean Land, but this time we are dropping into a full, below parallel, front squat.
If you can’t fully “rack” the PVC, press it up under your chin enough to get your elbows nice and high.

Notice the set up, the pull, the finish and the land….