“Boys to Men”

Today my good friend Allen-Michael Armstrong also known as “Jedi” turns 19 years old and before I give you the hero WOD I want to talk about the impact this particular “Jedi” has had on my life. You see last year a young boy wearing skinny jeans, ipod and hair covering half his face walks into my office. He tells me he has joined the Air Force and wants to get his @$$ kicked until he leaves for basic training and that he has no money to pay for it. I tell him to be here tomorrow morning at 0600. A year later this boy is now a man. We have taught him how to TRAIN for survival, what to EAT for strength and why we  FIGHT  for something more than ourselves. He was not our 1st and he wont be our last however he will be HARD to beat. The FORCE was always STRONG with this one. He is always on time, never missed a mission and always did more than what was asked. He impressed us so much we had to change the name of former “Jedi” to O.J (old jedi) because his SKILLS were unmatched with anyone we had seen before.

“Jedi” became the ultimate ambassador to CrossFit Scottsdale and he was getting pretty good too. He passed his Level I and was my protege for HELL WEEK only to FAIL  the level II test. Knowing “Jedi” I feel that this was a turning point for him and his training. He started to take it serious. It gave him drive and dedication to work on some holes he had in his armor. So he studied, practiced and honed in on the task, passing the Level II ahead of his class and was becoming proficient in all aspects of our program.

After 6 months of working for his membership we gave him ownership. “Jedi” had earned his right to do anything he wanted at CFS. So he asked if I would sponsor him at the CrossFit Level I coaching certification, so that he might be able to teach other Pararescue the TOOLS that may save his life one day.

As of yesterday we had no permanent dates on his departure… June….November…. 2012. The guessing is over we now have a deadline… May 17, 2011 my Boi Allen- Michael Armstrong will join the United States Air Force and will serve our country to protect our right to FREEDOM and we will celebrate in his honor by completing this WOD.

100 Burpees
1 Mile Run
50 Burpees
800 Run
25 Burpees
400 Run