All About Networking!

Do you know how to effectively network at events such as CrossFit Scottsdale Connections? Here are a few tips to take with you to any event to help build your business:

1. Small talk is the foundation of all relationships, even business relationships. All information is useful.

2. When you talk business ascertain the person’s background, how business is at present and where they see things going

3. Try to think what you have in common with the people at the event? You all travelled to get here; you are guests of the same hosts; you are all here to learn something; you are all in business.


What better place to try out your new networking skills then at CrossFit Scottsdale Connections. This months meeting is being held on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 from 12pm to 1pm atCrossFit Scottsdale. Come network with your fellow CrossFitters and learn more about this month’s sponsor, Alison Knocks of Golden Gates Agency. 


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